Hearing Tests

We provide everyone with full audiometric results which includes pure-tone testing, bone conduction testing, word understanding and speech recognition.  We have sound proof booths for accuracy.

Video Ear Inspections Included

We’ll make sure you aren’t blocked with wax and check the health of the ear.



After your test, we sit down with you and explain each part and what it means for your hearing. We answer all questions as we educate you on your specific hearing struggles.


Hearing Device Demonstrations

During your consultation, we will demonstrate what real hearing devices sound like. We will program them for you right away.  You’ll hear the difference and feel how comfortable better hearing can be.


Hearing Device Trials

Correcting your hearing is a big step, and we understand that.  Wear any hearing device for 30 days to see the difference.  If you aren’t happy, you can return them.


Device Programming

All hearing devices are state of the art, digital, and fully programmable.  We spend time mapping out your hearing loss while programming your new hearing devices to your exact loss.  We fine tune them and set them to match the sound you prefer.  No two devices are programmed the same.


Dedicated Follow Up

We strive to always be here for you.  We invite patients back routinely based on your needs for consistent care.  We’ll check your hearing annually and your hearing devices regularly to make sure you stay happy.


Verification Testing

We provide all of our patients with a live speech mapping test that is combined with live voice testing.  We verify all hearing devices are to specs and functioning at their best.


Device Repairs

We are capable of fixing all hearing devices no matter the problem.  We try hard to fix hearing devices in-house, but we have an all-make hearing aid repair company that can handle anything, just in case.

SoundGear Consumer Brochure

Custom Hearing Protection

We can provide you with suitable and customized hearing protection for shooters and hunters.  We also have ear pieces for recreational and industrial uses.