Free 30 day trial

Free 30 day trial!

Relearning to hear is a process, and we take it very seriously at Michels Hearing.  Because you will too.

We offer (to everyone!) free 3o days trial periods so anyone can test drive improved hearing before considering hearing improvement.  In this way, you can see for yourself just how comfortable and discreet improved hearing can be.  Of course, not to mention how clear life should sound.

When you come for your initial visit, you’ll sit down with us to discuss your expectations and hearing history.  We’ll check your hearing and demonstrate within minutes how things should really sound.

For most people, losing hearing has been a slow gradual process, and they don’t realize just what they’re missing… until we turn the hearing devices on!  It’s always an eye-opening and thrilling experience.

From here, you have the choice to take them home with you.  Take them to your favorite restaurant, take them to church, where them at work.  In fact, we encourage you wear them solidly (mostly because you’ll want to) in order to adjust to all the new sounds.

We will call to check on you in your trial period.  Your questions can be answered over the phone.  We will also set up a one week follow-up appointment, so we can adjust your hearing depending on your unique lifestyle and personality preferences.

After wearing them for another two weeks, we’ll bring you back for another short appointment.  We’ll adjust the devices even more.

It is important that you are committed to a trial period.  For new wearers especially, we do not amplify to your hearing loss 100% on day one.  If we did, you may not like it.  We’ll start at about 80% of the recommended volume in order for you to adjust to some of the basic sounds first.  As you come in for your post visit appointments, we’ll slowly raise the volume to your target or recommended level.  So as the trial moves forward, you’ll hear better and better.  You’ll appreciate this process as it eases you into improved hearing.  It’s the only way to relearn how to hear.  Too much too soon is NOT the right approach.

If, for any reason, you are not happy, you have the opportunity to return any hearing device with no pressure to continue forward.

We are sure you’ll love them as much as we do.  So after your trial is complete, we are happy to bring you back routinely for cleanings, adjustments, and subsequent hearing checks to monitor your hearing.  If your hearing changes, we can accommodate those changes by reprogramming your devices.  We provide this service for life of the devices as a compliment to the patient.  There’s never a charge!  No matter what, we will strive to keep you satisfied.

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So that’s how we work!