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This is the place to get instant, individualized access to information about your hearing aids – and tips to help ensure long-lasting listening performance and comfort.

Private, convenient and personalized just for you, My Audibel is your single stop for rehabilitation exercises, operation manuals, use & care videos and more!

You get:

  • FREE access to aural rehabilitation tools like Read My Quips, a clinically proven, online speech comprehension tool that patients can do at home.
  • Personalized, one-stop access to all your hearing aid information, like manuals, instructional videos and more.
  • Information on new products and features customized just for you.
  • At-a-glance snapshot and contact information for your hearing center.

Any existing patient can contact us to get started for free.

Cell Phone, TV & Music Streaming

Combined with our innovative SurfLink® accessories, Audibel wireless hearing aids can also make it easier to enjoy TV, music, cell phone conversations and more — no wires attached!

SurfLink Mobile
Enjoy hands-free phone conversations with this one-of-a-kind device. That’s because SurfLink Mobile turns Audibel’s wireless hearing aids into both your cell phone microphone and receiver:

Microphone — Your hearing aids pick up your voice and send it to the person you’re talking to
Receiver — SurfLink Mobile streams the voice on the other end of the phone directly to both of your hearing aids
But that’s just the beginning. SurfLink Mobile is not only a cell phone transmitter, it’s also an assistive listening device, media streamer, and hearing aid remote all rolled into one.

SurfLink Media
This set-and-forget media streaming solution connects to TVs, MP3 players and more to wirelessly stream audio directly to your Audibel wireless hearing aids, so you can hear the volume at the level you want, while everyone else in the room can listen at the volume they want.

SurfLink Remote
This handy remote lets you adjust and control your Audibel wireless hearing aids with the push of a button.

Visit the official site to explore the device.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to have a hearing loss? Do you have a family member with hearing loss? The Hearing Loss Simulator allows you to choose a specific hearing loss configuration and then listen to sounds as though you have that particular hearing loss. The Hearing Loss Simulator contains pre-recorded common sounds and has the option to let you record your own voice for playback through the different hearing loss configurations. The Hearing Loss Simulator includes graphics to show where the common sounds, speech, and individual speech sounds are located for loudness and frequency.

Read more at iTunes:

Hear Coach is a suite of listening games developed by Starkey Laboratories; it features games that challenge both your cognitive and auditory sharpness.

Hear Coach is now connecting to personalized hearing websites, like Users can work with their hearing professional to create a personalized website and track their Hear Coach progress on the website or their iPhone / iPad.

Hear Coach can still be used without connecting to a personalized website but progress tracking will not be available. Upgrades from existing installs of Hear Coach will clear all previously saved progress tracking.