The new Range hearing aids offer many innovative features focused on wireless capabilities to enhance the experience of wearing hearing aids. Firstly, the hearing aids provide a superior listening experience through many intuitive features that makes using a hearing aid hassle-free. The Range hearing aids are especially designed to enhance hearing in noisy environments by reducing background noises and preserving speech audibility. Also, these new hearing aids prevent any whistling or buzzing from feedback and work well with telephone use. Lastly, as displayed below, the hearing aids can be easily paired with a media device to receive streaming audio input from TVs or music players directly into your hearing aids.

[image title=”Range Picture” lightbox=”true” autoHeight=”true” align=”center”][/image]

At Michels Hearing Aid Centers we want to ensure all who can benefit from hearing loss solutions that we provide the latest advancements in new hearing aid technology. We offer an array of hearing aid technology, sizes and styles so there is a hearing aid option right for every patient’s budgetary and lifestyle needs. If are interested to receive more information on the new Range from Michels Hearing or would like to make an appointment to have an in-office demonstration, simply give us a call or email us.