Five years ago, nobody wanted them. The thought of wearing anything behind the ear was just upsetting. Now, everybody wants them!

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They are called Receiver-In-The-Canal hearing devices. They are sleek looking, stylish, discreet devices that leave the ear as open as possible. Some people refer to them as “open fit” hearing devices.

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The fact that they leave the ear so open means a lot for our patients. The biggest thing is comfort. With very little contact inside the ear, you can wear it all day, right from the first day you start a trial period. You’ll forget you are even wearing it.

Another big reason why they are so great is because of how they sound. With the ear open, the sound is as natural as possible. Patients do not feel plugged up and there are no complaints of their voices sounding unnatural.

They are digitally programmed by us, so they amplify ONLY the pitches you need to hear clearer, so background noise is no issue.

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Cosmetics are no issue. The ultra slim cable hides around the side of the ear, virtually unnoticeable. The piece behind your ear is slim and fades into your hair or resembles the stems of your glasses.

They do not interfere with glasses, and they are secure, so they don’t fall out.


How popular are they?

Well, we fit about 85% of new patients with them! Because they want them after a demonstration![/info]

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