Why Choose Us?

We are a family company.

Michels Hearing Center is a family owned and operated company… with over 25 years of experience!

Our knowledge.

We are trained hearing professionals with expansive knowledge in the hearing industry’s leading hearing devices. We participate in regional and country-wide training courses to continue our education yearly.

Our tools.

Visit one of our centers and see for yourself what type of equipment is used to fit and adjust the hearing products. All computer equipment is calibrated yearly and updated constantly to deliver the best.

Our network.

We are part of the Audibel hearing healthcare network which has more than a thousand locations around the world. Our network is made of up experienced audiologists, scientists, engineers, and customer care specialists to ensure your satisfaction.

Our hearing products.
100% American.

All hearing devices are 100% digital and programmable. Michels Hearing Centers carries all the newest solutions immediately upon their release. We are always up-to-date. Our products are also 100% made in America!

Tests and trials.

At Michels Hearing, your first hearing test is complimentary. Any hearing device fit will be given a 30 day trial period also. Wear the device for one full month to make sure you are fully satisfied.